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Julian Assange Rally speech


"It's not just about freedom of speech, it's about the presumption of innocence...  It's about a fair go! 

"The banks have frozen Julian's assets. They've denied all of us here today, to donate to him, through MasterCard, through Visa, through PayPal. That affects everybody's rights here, right now, all of us have the right to choose to spend our money how we wish... 

"The only reason that this has been done, is to deny him the chance to defend his innocence. So he has no way to do so.

"One thing about freedom, is that freedom of the press also includes that freedom for the press not to report, on subjects they wish not to report on. That is why we need WikiLeaks. We need to be able to seek the truth, ourselves. We do not need to rely on the media, we need to rely on access to information that is just and proven... 

"This David and Goliath battle, has started with a leak. It's becoming a flood, and we the people must ensure it becomes a deluge! 

"This continued erosion of our freedom and rights is not good enough, we all know that. Not good enough for Assange, and not good enough for the people. Freedom of association, freedom of information, freedom of speech, the presumption of innocence, and a right to a fair trial, are our God Given Rights! 

The worst thing about that, is those that wish to take it away from you are the very people you entrust to protect your rights and freedoms. Julia Gillard [Australia's Prime Minister] wants to take those rights from Assange. The Attorney General, McLelland, wants to take those rights and even our [South Australia] State Attorney General Rau has said that the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial should be taken from some people. They wish to choose who they are. We say that everybody has the right to the presumption of innocence and everybody has the right to a fair trial. 

"The future of our country, should never include secrecy, nor deceit because they are not acceptable. The word "spin" is a new wordpolitically correct for the word "bullshit",  and democracy is about the people rule. That is it. When someone stands up and says that the Premier of your state [Mike Rann] is the master of spin, that means he is the master of bullshit, and that's not good enough! 

"It's about time the government of this world understood that the people rule. And they better take heed. Because the reason they're doing this is because they fear the people. And they damn well should fear us! 

"We have every right -- in a democracy -- to know what our government is up to... where they spend our money... why they consider as our future for our children and how they perceive our right to liberties. Our forefathers -- I'll finish on this -- our forefathers have risked life and limb to provide for us the freedoms we now enjoy. We must be sure that those gained freedoms are here for our children and for future generations

"Freedom, democracy, and justice, are not negotiable! 

Australia Says No More
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