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DEMOCRACY THE WHOLE TRUTH on the right is a very important note I suggest all Australians read, or click HERE




I put in the best effort I could to become your representative, and the Community support was absolutely fantastic! 

Coming in second to Labor even with the LDP's dodgy how to vote card claiming many Liberal votes, was an excellent outcome for my first run, on a strict budget.

(click here for results of the latest elections and judge if they are dodgy)


It was always going to be a hard slog, trying to win the support of the whole Ramsay community, when most would have not have even known I was running, the $1000 I had saved to take on the $150,000 plus spent by Labor, was always going to make it hard to ensure you all knew who I was and what I stand for, yet thousands of you supported me.

I am very proud of the some 18 people from the local community who supported me on election day, we did very well, considering Labor had over 200 paid supporters, and media support all the way through, in fact most media articles covered only the Labor candidate.

Many good people came into support me, and several local business people helped me fund the replacement posters, when most of mine were stolen, which was very humbling, and with the media in general only covering the Labor candidate, I found myself walking the streets in which I grew up and handing out homemade flyers, it brought back so many fond memories. 

My wife and I put in 18 hour days, and the reward for our hard work was fantastic, even though it appeared we had no hope of ensuring you all knew I was running, nearly 4000 of you rewarded our hard work with your precious vote! Thank you all so very much.

My fight to help my community is not over, as many will know, I have been fighting for reforms and a fair go for many years, and will continue to do my very best. I will try and work with Labor to ensure the important issues that arose from speaking with you all, are addressed, and promises made are kept.

Having been a lobbyist for over a decade, I have many connections, so still feel free to call me anytime, so I can either help you or point you in the right direction.  If ever you are in trouble I will do my best to help.

I have specialised in federal and state legislation for around 15 years now, and although I have never run as a representative for my local community in the past, this experience has helped me find my niche, so expect me to be competing for your support over the next few years, I enjoy helping people, so would love to have the added resources of a member of parliament, as I could do so much more for the community who gave so much to me as a child.  

I will continue to work with the local community and my mother(Gillian Aldridge) the mayor to improve local services and try and attract further investment to the area, as job security will become an increasing concern to us all.

I am still appalled that as one of the largest cities in the state, we do not even have a 24 hour police station, let alone adequate police services, so I will spend my spare time lobbying for the change needed to bring back community safety to the level I enjoyed as a child.  

I have made a habit of holding our politicians to account for many years now, as many would already know, and exposing short falls in many government organisations, like the Family Court, Family’s SA, Work cover, disability & aged care services, mental health funding to name only a few, has not earned me many Labor friends in parliament, that said, I do have many people from a variety of organisations who respect my hard work, so I do have the right contacts to be able to support my community.  

The media’s obsession with the two party system has resulted in very little coverage of what they describe as minor players in the political arena, and community based candidates like myself fall into that category, so if you would like to know what I am up to, keep an eye on my website or Face book pages. 

Unlike your representatives of the past, I run to represent my community not a political party.   

The advice given to me over the past few weeks, is to dress up, change my appearance, and stop pissing of the media and the government, sorry one and all, I have no intention of changing who I am, I only want your future vote if you support what I do, not how I look, if you chose who you vote for on performance, I am worthy, if you chose based on spin, I am not your man, in any event, I will support you regardless.  

I love helping people, I love animals and my Native wildlife sanctuary, I have the best wife in the world, and great parents, I am a Motoring enthusiast both cars and bikes, I am a successful business man, and use my profits to help those in need, my wife and I are staunch environmentalist’s, I have an educated position on most aspects of our governance, but if you can present a case to change my mind, I am open to change.

For the Animal lovers here is a link to my QLD flood run to help the devastated sanctuaries and the RSPCA photos


"COWARDICE asks the question : " Is it safe ?" EXPEDIENCY asks the question : "Is it politic?" VANITY asks the question : " Is it popular?" But, CONSCIENCE asks the question : "Is it right?" An there comes a time when someone must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is RIGHT." ~Martin Luther King Jr.  


I live by such statements of great men, and prove that by my actions, and I swear to continue to put every thing on the line, to ensure my children enjoy all the freedoms and liberties, my Country provided me, I do rather than spin. 


I am not a one topic candidate as my past clearly exposes, but MY PRIMARY GOAL is to ensure the people of this fine state and country, have the rights and resources to cast a free and informed vote, with out structural biases and out right deceit and electoral fraud. see my detailed site on How to vote and ideals for electoral reform 



Independent uncovers massive water theft in SA
Labor amended legislation to allow favoured corporations get water free from any source, while SA people are asked to go with out, water theft backed by our own representatives
One of my expose's  last year regarding our precious water supplies, working with great people like Colin Pitman from the Salisbury Council








 “If you know I am running as a candidate, what I stand for, and have the free choice, as to weather or not you reward me with your vote, the fight is over and democracy will have been restored.”  


REMEBER WHAT LABOR DID DURING THE 2010 ELECTION, and read my final report, link at the bottom right of this page.

Today Tonight Adelaide Story of Alleged Election Faults and Fraud
Today Tonight Adelaide story of Labor's use of fraudulent Family First how-to-vote cards, as well as Mark Aldridge's intention to take errors by the Electoral Commission, which allegedly denied people...
In 2010 the State election resulted in many thousands of South Australians missing out on a vote, and very little had the opportunity to cast an informed vote, THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. Over 77,000 missed out on casting a vote, over 16,500 ballot papers are missing, dodgy practices ran rife, dodgy postal applications exceeded 6,500, Labor even dressed up as another party, do you remember that? they even registered the liberal leaders name as a reply paid address to intercept others mail and numerous issues to be found in several articles on this site.   








My wife and I first ran for federal politics in 2000/01 

since then my wife has taken over running 50% of the businesses and the Sanctuary, and I do the other 50% of the work and study, write and speak on a variety of rights based and political matters.   


 I have written and spoken on a variety of social issues including Disability and mental health funding, Democracy and electoral reform, freedom of speech and access to information, Multiculturalism, Carbon Tax, Country Australia, Water and alternate power, Taxation, Small business and a variety of children based issues and of course environmental issues just to name a few. 


In 2010 I tried to raise awareness of funding and service short falls for the disability and mental health sector, in particular “Children in Need” with the Help of the late Dr. Paul Collier, and for all the hard work and the importance of the message, “NO MEDIA ATTENDED” [please watch


Awareness Rally in Adelaide South Australia care for the kids and the community
Please comment, just as good as being there ! The Idea Man, Independent Mark Aldridge. Sconey, FAP Ki Meekins. Freda Briggs, Independent Ann Bressington, David Winderlich, Ryan Hidden, Patty, Ma...
I will remain a candidate if for no more reason to find a way to ensure the best candidates are the winners at elections, not the 2 party chosen people, whose allegiance is already sworn to their party, rather than their electorate, well until at the very least, the choice is solely by way of an informed electorate  


 I have studied current and passed legislation, and battled in the courts for reform, self represented, including the dodgy 2010 SA State election, and supporting local people and common law issues where possible.   


 If any of my articles were outdated or incorrect in their content, I would appreciate feedback and correction or continued education on any political or social topic. Please!  


 I am a proud member and founder of the Alliance Australia a grass roots movement to address democracy and Unity between all the Independent and minor party candidates.  


 My catch phrases “Freedom, Democracy and Justice” are not negotiable, (click to see me speak on the topic)


Mark Aldridge Independent
Speakin at Wikileaks Rally Adelaide


The Advertiser and several other media sources have me somewhat banned over the past decade from exposure, but the net shows many Independent media reports

Google Mark M Aldridge Independent or

 GETUP Australia the truth




Imagine another election, same candidates, no blank boxes on the ballot papers, every house hold receives a booklet which explains how to vote, who the local candidates are, and what they stand for, we only attend to vote if we are inspired to do so, and only have to vote for those we prefer. 


Now that is the free will of an informed electorate!  


The people demand honest information, so the media start to cover the local candidates in both houses, the electoral commission decides to enforce electoral law, supplying how to vote information and voting tickets in the polling booths as prescribed.  


Election posters, and those giving out how to vote cards, do so honestly, adhering to the law, and we are finally given better security than "Paper and pencil", polls became honest allowing every candidates inclusion, and only the electoral commission issues postal vote applications and ballots.  


This is Democracy, is it really that hard? 


 [google79ca20ad666b3a49.html] Says it all, please read and share





 Water and the Murray River, the major parties have it all wrong, our water comes from a variety of sources, the river is over allocated, but buying back water entitlements will only have an adverse affect on produce, so we must take action to improve flows via ideals like those of Professor Endersbee (search and see) piping excess water to the river, our Aquifers are in even worse condition, but out of sight out of mind, and storm water recycling could water proof our state on its own, (have a chat with Colin Pitman) in every case we need representatives whose ideal of long term future, is a greater vision than the term between elections. See more 


Do any of us truly believe that great infrastructure projects like the Snowy river scheme would have become reality with either of political parties we have endured over the past 20 years?  



Human and Civil rights, we in Australia have no enforceable rights, so a bill of rights is essential, and all recent legislation must be changed to comply.   



 ICAC, essential to every state in Australia, presently parliament and our police services do not face any independent scrutiny, we regularly hear of corruption where the perpetrators face little or no punishment, with police officers suspended with full pay, no where near an adequate deterrent, the Mulligan report found over 100 child deaths of a suspicious nature in government care, yet no action has been taken, not good enough. see more 



Climate Change, the climate has always changed, and clearing land, pursuing huge population growth and the emission of pollutants does not help in terms of our long term environmental future, but to blame Co2 or introduce a huge new tax, is not the answer, rewarding self reliance and initiatives in green power production would be a more educated approach. 


 While big Oil and the motor industry have such power over our Government, the advances we could already be enjoying, will be slow in coming, taking power away from the 2 party system, would give back more control of our environmental future to we the people.  



Democracy, “If change be necessary it must be by the free will of an informed electorate” we can not continue to be forced to preference all the candidates while at the same time being denied access to whom they are, either we are provided with equitable details of all our choices, or we are awarded optional preferential voting, we need an independent body to both create electoral reform and police the election process.  Dodgy how to vote slips, misleading advertising and Identity theft of candidates is a disgrace, missing postal ballots, fraudulent counting, false promise and a raft of undemocratic actions, must be stopped and those responsible brought to account.  



Disability and Mental Health,   funding is in some cases more than 50% behind the needs of those we can easily call our most vulnerable, our very own children languish on critical waiting lists, while unessential infrastructure receives all the election pledges, proven advances in early intervention and stigma reduction, all very successful overseas, can not be seen by out political parties whose vision is blurred by self interest (winning elections) I have stood up and spoken on many occasions, holding awareness rallies and the like, and yet nothing has changed.  This situation is nothing but appalling and a Number 1 priority compared to the need for improved stadiums and broadband speeds.    



 Taxation, our complicated 500 page plus tax system is both archaic and lacks any concept of equity, my views are to abolish the whole thing and start again, leaving payroll out of the equation, the concept of an electronic debits tax, from my research seems to hold all the answers. Until such vision can be achieved, I would lower the tax-free threshold as found in my Taxation pages, so as to help support lower income families and small business. Funding of this simple but effective change would be by way of the abolishment of government subsidies, which are nothing more than telling us how to spend our over paid tax dollars, any change must ensure equity for all Businesses operating in Australia, while we are at it, we should abolish the Menzies double tax Act. if you make money here, bloody pay your tax here.    



 Immigration, time to sit back and reflect here, population growth is not the answer to all our woes, in fact it is the exact opposite, the world must have a limit, as to what that is I do not know, while we are stifling food production, avoiding an increase in potable water supplies, health care services and the like, best we play catch up with our essential infrastructure as our number one priority.  I am a compassionate man, and believe we have the ability to help those in need, but not at the expense of every Australians futures, with over 100,000 Aussies living on the streets, and our elderly having trouble making ends meet, we must lower immigration, and in doing so consider only those based on their honest needs and with a history of being capable and willing to integrate into our Australian way of life.    



 Power Production, “use less and pay more” not the catch cry of leaders with vision, if we increase population, we must increase base load power, as much as I crave green energy as base load power production, it has yet to become a reality, which ever party wins the 2010 Federal election, they will go down the path of Nuclear, I would like to ensure if this has to occur, we embrace the safest and most advanced designs, but again that will take vision, so the latest and safest high temp pebble bed reactors and spent fuel recycling like Alvis and Simplex will not be on the agenda.  I propose our own nuclear Industry, to ensure if Nuclear is on the agenda, we lead the way rather than follow  



Community safety, now on this matter I am a dreamer, as a child I felt safe on the streets, erecting a tent in the front yard, for sleep overs, and I demand my children and theirs the same safe community, our police services are being used for state revenue raising rather than servicing local communities, an ever increasing range of new laws are doing nothing more than invading our personal lives, and this problem is increasing also because we the people are not pulling our weight, it is our job to ensure our children are safe. Police numbers need to be increased to keep up with community expectations, revenue raising must be separated from police services, and we in the community must take some bloody responsibility for our children’s safety.   



 Equality, Gay, Greek, Australian, Aboriginal, Male, Female, even Aliens, division is caused by inequality, each and every person in our country regardless of colour or creed, the same laws and support services should apply, very simple.   



 Investment, Australia is not for sale, our water, farms, land, railways, ports and mining, none of it, it belongs to the people and the country, and any that has been sold, should be brought back into Australian ownership   



 Education, The education system is becoming overwhelmed by both political correctness and government intervention, those most in need of extra support services are falling between the cracks, becoming a long term financial liability to the country, our education system is under resourced, under staffed and under prioritised.  It is past time our teachers were employed to teacher rather than given the job of bringing up our children, they must be given the freedom to pursue appropriate punishments with out fear of reprisal, to ensure adequate education and have the resources to educate those with special needs   



Infrastructure, Underground water infrastructure in many cities is over 120 years old, power stations are ageing and in need of replacement, with their boilers running on desalinated water to extend their use by dates, storm water and sewerage is antiquated and in need of up grading, yet not even false promise for our future, grand ideals of underground access tunnels to cover future storm water harvesting, broad band up grades and shared resources are not even on the agenda.  



 Live Music V’s Pokies, phase them out by the lowering of the maximum bet until it is that low, no more good people are loosing their lively hood, I will fight for the re-introduction of local live entertainment as an avenue to entice people back into pubs, outside smoking areas will be retained as a freedom of choice, and the price of a glass of beer, should be capped for the next 5 years as should cigarettes, as they have endured inequitable tax increases.  



Animal Rights, Every sentient being has the same right to quality of life, including our livestock, as the owner of a Native Sanctuary I will demand no less than increased accountability and associated penalties for animal abuse of any form.  



Country representation, Regional areas of Australia are not receiving their share of the infrastructure or health care funding, yet many regional areas are responsible for a greater share of the countries productivity, equity in funding for regional areas is there fore paramount.   


Please check the media article located on the left of this page, and see more about each subject and many more







Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The "will of the people" shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

Article 21(3)




The ALLIANCE AUSTRALIA, will protect Democracy.


Please have a listen to the truth on Adelaide Radio, starting at number 1 through 7



Forget the one policy Independents, I stand for increased disability and mental health funding, ICAC, equity before the law, your freedoms, rights and liberty’s in general, taxation reform, increases in heath care and hospital staffing levels, on-line gambling reform, reduction of Pokies in favor of live entertainment, increased animal protections, environmental and native animal habitat restoration, WorkCover reform and overhaul of Families SA, Adequate redress for Forgotten Australians, equity in regional infrastructure funding, increased support for carers of SA,  increased education grants and support services for children with disabilities, electoral reform to ensure the FREE will of an informed electorate is paramount, Accountability in government, increased protections of our natural water supplies, long term vision in regards to our underground infrastructure, enforce public scrutiny of any future proposed legislation, investigate sovereignty issues, scrutinize mining leases and foreign ownership, new and used vehicle sales licensing and consumer protection reform, the support of Adelaide Motorplex, improved road safety over revenue raising, renovation of our roads and public transport services, I have studied all of the above and some, and will continue to improve my understanding of all aspects of our long term governance.

Zoe Bettison, Labor party SA, Ramsay electorate, Mark M Aldridge



DISCLAIMER; All figures and facts on this site are taken from either government information sites and/or media publications, the writer does not accept responsibility for any facts of figures provided by out side sources that may have been wrongly provided, this is a blog site for electors to access the candidate Mark Aldridge's Ideals on the political agenda of the day

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The 2014 South Australian state election will elect members to the 53rd Parliament of South Australia on 15 March 2014. All seats in the House of Assembly or lower house, whose current members were elected at the 2010 election, and half the seats in the Legislative Council or upper house, last filled at the 2006 election, will become vacant. The 12-year incumbent Australian Labor Party, currently led by Premier Jay Weatherill, will be challenged by the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, currently led by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond. The ramsay electorates main contender will be Mark Aldridge Independent son of the local councils mayor Gillian AldridgeMARK ALDRIDGE INDEPENDENT, CANDIDATE FOR RAMSAY, The voice of the Community" community advocate for the north, Ramsay by-election Ramsay By Election, Ramsay Election, Zoe Bettison, Liberal candidate Ramsay election, Mike Rann resigns, Independent for Ramsay, Salisbury election, how to vote in Ramsay, South Australian Elections, Member of the Alliance Australian, 2010 Federal Election, Labor Party, Liberal Party, Australian Democrats, Democracy, Voting in Australia, Elections, electoral reform, Mark Aldridge, Mark M Aldridge, Julia Gillard, Nick Xenophon Independent, Murray river, Taxation, The Alliance Australia, Dodgy Elections, Freedoms and Liberties, Federal Election, Electoral , Commission, South Australian 2013 election, Mike Rann premier, How to vote in South Australia, Treason, The republican debate, Carbon Tax, climate change Australia, clean energy, solar power, mass power storage, carbon trading, carbon tax, Labor party SA, MARK ALDRIDGE, electoral reform, 2014 state election South Australia, Democracy, SAPOL, City of Salisbury, Zoe Bettison, Water proofing Adelaide, Colin Pitman, Salisbury Wetlands, Northern Invest, Electoral commission South Australia, Family First SA, Ramsay electorate,  2014 State election, South Australian 2014 election, Labor party Zoe Bettison, Dodgy elections, how to vote, Election results SA, Voting, elections, constitution, commonwealth of Australia, voice of the community,  Water security, Colin Pitman, save the Murray, Power generation, Labor V Liberal, Community safety, SAPOL, Salisbury Police station, Nuclear power, Carbon Tax, Environmental protection SA, South Australian politics, Politics, 2 party politics, Helen Aldridge, Willow Wood sanctuary, Courts, Bikie laws, Constitution, Councils, Local government, LEON BYNER, 5AA, radio five aa, South Australian 2014 March election, 2014 state election, 2014 Independent candidate, UN declaration of human rights, MARK ALDRIDGE VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY, RAMSAY ELECTORATE, RAMSAY ELECTION BOUNDARIES, WHERE TO VOTE RAMSAY, Politics Australia the truth, Gillard V Rudd, Best candidates in SA, who to vote for in 2014, The 2014 South Australian state election will elect members to the 53rd Parliament of South Australia on 15 March 2014. All seats in the House of Assembly or lower house, whose current members were elected at the 2010 election, and half the seats in the Legislative Council or upper house, last filled at the 2006 election, will become vacant. The 12-year incumbent Australian Labor Party, currently led by Premier Jay Weatherill, will be challenged by the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, currently led by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond., Dont sell Australians short, Dont sell Australia short, leon Byner, Five AA, Google, 5AA, Australian land sales, Wikipedia Politics Australia, Nick Xenophon, Selling Australia short, Clive Palmer, CATA, No Carbon tax, Carbon trading details, Labor party QLD, Australian greens, Getup, Helen Aldridge, Animal rights activist, Mike Rann, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, Julia Gillard, Jay Weathrill, Ramsay electorate, best candidate, Independent candidate for Ramsay, Liberal party SA, GetUp, Paul Makin, Today Tonight, Pauline Hansen, ETSA, power production, sale of assets, buying back the farm, Bill of Rights Australia, Mark Aldridge Bill of rights, South Australian 2014 State election, How to vote in SA, Labor funds GetUp, Salisbury elections, Salisbury community activists, Gillian Aldridge, employment, SAPOL, Salisbury police station, Voting in Australia, Taxation, used cars, LPG prices, ZOE BETTISON, Holdens, GMH, infrastructure. Bill of rights Australia, Buddhism activists, hemp, Cannabis, Today Tonight, Leon Byner, Sean Perry, FiveAA radio, WorkCover SA, GetUp, LDP, Liberal Democratic part, FREE Australia Party, Democrats, 2014 SA Election, Federal Election 2013, Candidates SA, M Aldridge Independent, Bob Francis, Nick Xenophon, Senate candidates SA, News for SA, South Australian candidate, Independent Australia, Australian Alliance, The Alliance, how to vote in SA, Elections Australia, YouTube Candidates, Animal Sanctuaries, Native Wildlife Sanctuarys, Cambodian candidates, Vietnamese Candidates SA,